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Why Spaces is 10x Better?

Spaces brings the best features of Email, Chat and Cloud storage together into a unique package. Easily orgainse important documents, contacts and other information. Have threaded chats to avoid clutter. Bye bye cross-talk, good morning messages & wasteful forwards! Stay focussed and get things done.


No two groups are alike! Group chats force a single chat structure. Spaces enable groups to customize content as per their needs.

Threaded Chats

Group chat forces you to read everything. With Spaces, you can read what you want and ignore the rest.

Mobile Number ID

Admins can easily add members using their mobile numbers. Members can securely access data with OTP based login.


You own and control the privacy of your data. We respect your privacy and do not share your data with anyone.

Cloud Based

New members can see entire content of the Space including documents and past chats, so they won't miss out on anything.

Access Anywhere

Access your Spaces from any of your smartphones or PC! No need to worry about a lost phone - all your data is safely backed up.

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Spaces Spaces
Threaded Chats
Mobile Number ID
Member Privacy
Cloud Based


Structured Group Communication

Separate thread for each topic of discussion, making it easy to follow. No more dumping everything under a single thread of chat!

Full Member Privacy!

Role based access and controls. Moderation allows better control of group members. Privacy settings enables admins to control the visibility of the group’s content. Unlike chat apps, phone numbers of these members are private and not shared with each other.

My Space

Store all your notes, important documents, photos handy at one place, 
accessible everywhere!

Fully Customizable

Customize Spaces as per your need! Bee it for work, or for home. Add your contacts as members and customize! You may choose from our ready made cards such as Notices, Discussions, Q & A, Documents, Contact list and many more.

Threaded Chats

Break those single threaded long chats into topics!

Access Anywhere

All your data is safely backed up. Access anywhere across all your devices!

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